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Artist's Workshop

Renowned pottery artist, Ken Hendry, shares his technique with art teacher Darlene Meeker's Rocky Mountain HS art class.
Local Artist, Jennifer Neff, demonstrates the art of Clay with high school students
Jennifer Neff 9/25/2013 498 views
Local artist, Bob Coonts shares some of his creative works with PSD art teachers
Bob Coonts 9/25/2013 123 views
Lincoln Junior High art teacher Joe McHugh talks to students at Poudre HS about his career & art
Joe McHugh 9/25/2013 298 views
Local cartoonist Sam Salas talks to students of T. S. Berger's art class about life as an artist
Sam Salas 9/25/2013 310 views
Community artists visit Laurel Elementary to talk to students about their background in community art and why they continue to do it. Artists featured are:…
Chris Bates, Gale Whitman,… 9/7/2012 297 views
Loren Jones, night custodian at Lesher Middle School and potter, teaches Lesher Middle School students about pottery. Topics include: Different types of…
Loren Jones 3/8/2012 139 views