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Radio Rhythms

PSD students and their music teachers offer up a selection of Holiday music. Hosted by KRFC's Vincent Burkardt.
Vincent Burkardt 12/16/2011 670 views
Vincent Burkardt, Chad Fisher,… 12/9/2011 550 views
Enjoy this latest edition of Radio Rhythms hosted by KRFC radio's Vincent Burkardt.
Vincent Burkardt, Krispy Fried… 11/4/2011 232 views
Watch 'Shatterproof' perform on this edition on Radio Rhythms.
Vincent Burkardt, Shatterproof 10/14/2011 249 views
Amber Baack performs in the Channel 10 studio on this episode of Radio Rhythms.
Vincent Burkardt, Amber Baack 10/7/2011 202 views
Blue Taboo, Vincent Burkardt 9/30/2011 189 views
Lexi Shanley performs in the Channel 10 studio.
Vincent Burkardt, Lexi Shanley 9/23/2011 584 views
Branson Hoog performs in the Channel 10 studio.
Vincent Burkardt, Branson Hoog 9/9/2011 202 views
Preston Middle School student Shannon Kate appears with guitar teacher Jan Dyer. This young singer/songwriter plays a mix of cover songs and original melodies.…
Vincent Burkardt, Shannon Kate,… 5/26/2011 261 views
Student musicians from the High School group, \"Stud Mushroom\" perform at PSD's Studio 10. This program features KRFC's Vincent Burkardt as…
Vincent Burkardt, Adam, Drew,… 5/16/2011 261 views