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Radio Rhythms

Nancy Brauhn-Curnes, celebrating ten years teaching at Laurel Elementary School, brings her drumming circle to the JSSC. This show features 33 jembe hand…
Vincent Burkardt, Nancy… 5/8/2013 278 views
Forte 201, an all-female a cappella group from Poudre High School, wows us with their vocal talents in this episode of Radio Rhythms. Vincent Burkardt hosts.
Vincent Burkardt 3/28/2013 212 views
Fossil Ridge High School student musician Amanda Michaels plays keyboard and sings, including original pieces. Joining Amanda in conversation is her voice…
Vincent Burkardt, Amanda Michaels 3/20/2013 173 views
Three Webber Middle School Jazz ensembles perform. Discussion includes the importance of music in the students' lives, and how jazz has expanded their…
Vincent Burkardt, Jana… 3/12/2013 316 views
Tech teacher Brad Flickenger introduces his very own iPad Band from Bethke Elementary. Vincent Burkardt hosts.
Vincent Burkardt, Brad… 2/26/2013 298 views
Vincent Burkardt hosts accordion player Piper Nunn.
Vincent Burkardt, Piper Nunn 2/1/2013 198 views
In this episode of Radio Rhythms, Adam Grosso and the Lincoln Jam Band perform in the Channel 10 studio.
Vincent Burkardt, Adam Grosso,… 1/15/2013 343 views
Mallory Harrison leads McGraw Elementary 4th and 5th grade singers in this edition of Radio Rhythms.
Vincent Burkardt, Mallory… 12/21/2012 429 views
Students from across the District perform holiday and winter-themed songs on this latest edition of Radio Rhythms.
Vincent Burkardt and others 12/9/2012 633 views
In this episode of Radio Rhythms, 'Lost at Sea' performs original and cover songs.
Vincent Burkardt 11/13/2012 286 views