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Join award-winning author, Lauren Kate for an other episodes of Bookends. Produced in collaboration with the Poudre River Public Library District
Poudre River Library Teens from the IRS (Interesting Readers Society) interview New York Times Best-selling author Brandon Sanderson. Student guests are Sam…
Sue-Ellen Jones hosts another edition of Bookends. Book talks are presented by the PRPLD Interesting Readers Society.
Sue-Ellen Jones, Poudre River… 10/6/2014 209 views
Teen/Young Adult author Sharon Skinner shares her writing experiences with Poudre School District students.
Diane Tuccillo 9/22/2014 585 views
Bennett IB Elementary School teacher and author, Sheala Henke discusses her latest book Idea33: A Regeneration. The book was written in creative collaboration…
Lopez Elementary Students 7/15/2014 6263 views
Diane Tuccillo 6/17/2014 265 views
Students from the Poudre River Public Library District's teen reading group (Interesting Readers' Society) share their favorite graphic novels. Hosted…
Boltz Middle School student Maya Bode talks about her writing and publishing experience. Her latest book is entitled Tess Embers.
Alicia Macica, Maya Bode 1/13/2014 427 views
Books dealing with the Holocaust that are appropriate for teens.
Sue Ellen Jones 10/31/2013 257 views