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Dwayne Shmitz, Ph.D. 5/6/2013 426 views
8th grade students at Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School combine math concepts and creativity to design their dream rooms using SketchUp or Floorplanner.
Students use a digital camera and a Google presentation to identify different types of angles they found around their school. They identified the type of angle…
Mark Brewer gives tips on preparation for some of the new recipes kitchen staff are making.
Mark Brewer 3/12/2013 270 views
Biology students at Fossil Ridge High School use SAM animation software and laptops to create stop-motion animation videos to demonstrate their understanding…
Wayne Thornes 1/14/2013 4907 views
Mike Foster 1/14/2013 315 views
4th grade students at Linton Elementary School use Prezi to present their book reports.
Dan Shinneman 1/14/2013 537 views
7th Grade science students at Wellington Middle School summarize research on a genetically modified product using Windows Live Movie Maker. Hosted by Vicky…
Mike Foster 1/14/2013 347 views
Chemistry students learn to combine elements into compounds using SMART-based puzzle activity.
Mike Foster 1/8/2013 602 views