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7/30/2014 813 views
An introduction to Student Learning Objectives
Kate Canine, Dwayne Schmitz Ph.D. 6/9/2014 941 views
Poudre High School's Adrienne Brandenburg provides her students' with audio feedback using SMART Recorder and encourages them to think deeply about…
Ara McKelvey 5/12/2014 431 views
Wayne Thornes 4/2/2014 559 views
The 6th grade Lincoln Scholars’ book club at Lincoln IB Middle School connect in a live video conference with Holly Goldberg Sloan who wrote “Counting by…
Dan Shinneman 4/1/2014 506 views
3rd grade students at Johnson Elementary use Photostory to create multimedia presentations about different regions within the U.S.A.
Rhonda Summerlin 3/31/2014 488 views
Students in Sarah Keller’s economics class at FCHS use Popplet to demonstrate their understanding of international marketing.
Rhonda Summerlin 3/24/2014 370 views
8th grade students at Webber Middle School produce weather videos as a project based assessment to demonstrate their understanding of Colorado weather and…
Adam McBride 3/10/2014 490 views