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For Parents

Technology trainer, Wayne Thornes leads viewers through a step by step process to access their students' attendance, grades, and other student data.
Wayne Thornes 3/9/2012 311263 views
Este video explica cómo se puede ver por internet las calificaciones y la información de asistencia de su alumno o alumna. Se puede usar este…
Jose Sandoval 3/9/2012 301411 views
One of the major goals in education today is the facilitation of our children and youth to become lifelong learners. What skills, concepts, and attitudes are…
George T. Betts, Ed.D. 1/27/2011 202 views
Information on preparing your child for kindergarten. English/Spanish
Olivia Brown-Fisher, Elsa Keys 1/13/2011 2734 views
Olivia Brown-Fisher, Elsa Keys 1/13/2011 363 views
Lisa Rossi, David Sobson, Susan… 8/18/2010 550 views
Diane Catlin, Alejandra Orozco 11/19/2009 148 views
Dwayne Schmitz, Ph.D. 10/4/2010 76 views
Steven C. Haas 7/8/2010 267 views
Local experts, Dr. James Kagan and Dr. Tom Linnell share their insight into recognizing, managing, and treating children with ADD in the classroom. A question…
Dr. James Kagan, Dr. Tom Linnell 3/10/2010 138 views