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Reflecting Back; Moving Forward: Migrant students in PSD” Presentation by Dr. María Gabriel, PSD Migrant student advocates, and PSD Migrant students
Dr. Maria Gabriel 3/28/2014 405 views
Students new to the USA, tell the story of their lives and culture through voice and images. “During this project, we provided workshops to immigrant students…
Stories about business and social enterprise across Poudre School District. Featured schools are Blevins Middle School, Poudre High School, and Olander…
PSD Foundation, Poudre School… 3/11/2014 1307 views
Elementary schools will be visited by an Iditarod musher, Ken Anderson who will speak about his annual preparation and racing Alaska's most celebrated…
5th Graders at Beattie Elementary show off their creativity in designing and testing small scale windmills.
PSD Athletics, PSD Integrated… 2/17/2014 2742 views
Kinard Core Knowledge Middle… 2/17/2014 94 views
Polaris Expeditionary Learning… 2/14/2014 50 views
5th grade students at Tavelli Elementary School show their S.T.E.A.M. skills by creating their own cardboard arcade games. The idea was inspired by a viral…
PSD Channel 10 2/14/2014 364 views