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Dr. Jerry Wilson, Dave Montoya,… 2/19/2010 99 views
Students from across the district compete for the chance to go to the Colorado state Spelling BEE. Top spellers from area schools will compete in the…
Poudre School District 2/19/2010 230 views
Lobo Partnership Mentoring. This video looks at school-based mentoring partnering using positive adult role models with students needing extra support. This…
Kate Canine, Karen Bennett, Kelly… 2/9/2010 108 views
Several short vignettes highlight the variety of ways technology is being integrated into the classroom.
PSD Media and Technology 2/8/2010 131 views
Briefly take in the wonders of Jupiter, the “king” of the planets as seen with the unaided eye, binoculars, and a small telescope.
Roger Culver, Ph.D. 2/5/2010 77 views
Study the “star pictures” or constellations that have been made throughout history from the stars of the constellation of Sagittarius. What star pictures can…
Roger Culver, Ph.D. 2/5/2010 144 views
Author and historian Arlene Ahlbrandt talks to Lynda Lloyd about the town of Wellington's 100th birthday.
Lynda Lloyd, Arlene Ahlbrandt 2/4/2010 123 views
Ben Johnson, PSD Technology Trainer visits with teachers who have successfully implemented \"Classroom Performance System\" Clickers. The Classroom…
Ben Johnson, Tanya Cienfuegos… 2/3/2010 103 views
Meet Mark Ludy, local author in this edition of Bookends who chats with Keri Kreuter and young readers from Bauder Elementary.
Mark Ludy, Keri Kreuter 2/1/2010 205 views
Key Concept: Upslope
US Bureau of Reclamation,… 1/28/2010 153 views

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