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Brian Jones 9/13/2012 125 views
Chuck DeWayne, Greg Grote 9/13/2012 185 views
Brian Jones, Little Shop of… 9/11/2012 119 views
Zach Elementary School students Skype with Leroy Fagin, the last remaining survivor of the Pingree Park B-17 bomber crash, and learn about how he survived the…
Ben Johnson 8/28/2012 1046 views
Dwayne Schmitz, Ph.D. 8/23/2012 262 views
5th grade teacher Tricia Lambert at Werner Elementary transforms research presentations with on-line posters called “Glogsters”. Examples of glogsters are…
Suzanne Biedscheid 5/16/2012 634 views
Poudre School District 5/16/2012 458 views
A 21st Century Learning look into the possibilities of Google Earth in the classroom setting. Students in 3rd grade at Bacon Elementary show how easy it is to…
Suzanne Biedscheid 5/8/2012 739 views