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Witness tagxedo and bi-lingual education at its best at Harris Bilingual Emersion School. Cesar Fuentes and his 4th grade students show how easy it is to…
Suzanne Biedscheid, Adam McBride 1/7/2013 1096 views
In this podcast, tech trainer Adam McBride works with CHS teachers Lee Swanson and Kim Donegan. The students used GPS receivers to complete math based…
Adam McBride 12/13/2012 470 views
Jaimie Engel 12/4/2012 147 views
Dr. Nancy Wright 12/4/2012 135 views
Beth Brown 11/30/2012 181 views
Jody Bublitz 11/28/2012 149 views
Katy Montoya 11/28/2012 147 views
Donna Geisert 11/28/2012 175 views
Cindy Guillaume & Ashley… 11/28/2012 158 views
Dave Montoya 11/28/2012 46 views