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Sandra Smyser, Mary Hasl 8/13/2013 225 views
2nd grade students at Tavelli create their own Realebooks focusing on the relationship between animal adaptations and their habitat using the software program…
Ara McKelvey 7/30/2013 519 views
English students at Fossil Ridge High School walk in the footsteps of characters from various novels by using Google Earth to create lit trips.
Missy Yarborough, 5th grade teacher at Laurel Elementary, shows how she uses Khan Academy to assess her student’s needs during math instruction.
Suzanne Biedscheid, Wayne Thornes 6/11/2013 677 views
Students at Webber Middle School use a variety of tech resources to research and present information on a country in Africa for a cross curricular project
Ara McKelvey, Aaron Berthold 5/29/2013 256 views
Dwayne Schmitz, Ph.D. 5/16/2013 363 views
Dwayne Schmitz, Ph.D. 5/16/2013 381 views
Students at Riffenburgh Elementary work on a virtual lab to calculate their carbon footprint using a variety of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources.
Dwayne Schmitz, Ph.D. 5/8/2013 960 views
This podcast discusses the first efforts of using Khan Academy as an instructional resource in Poudre School District with examples from Red Feather Lakes…
Suzanne Biedscheid, Wayne Thornes 5/7/2013 340 views