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Dr. Maria Gabriel, Dr. Kevin Roxas
Students new to the USA, tell the story of their lives and culture through voice and images. “During this project, we provided workshops to immigrant students and their parents asking them to share their hopes and dreams for school, what they hoped their teachers and their peer group could help them with so they could be successful in school, their personal stories of who they were and what was special about their home lives and cultures,” Roxas explains. “We also gave cameras to each participant so they could create visual images to accompany the text that they wrote.” In all, the team provided five different sets of workshops to different participant groups, each set of workshops lasting five to six weeks. More than 60 individuals participated in the project, with more than 100 of their posters (each 2 ft. by 3 ft.) hung on the walls of Everyday Joe’s, an old warehouse turned coffee shop. ? “Being a part of this project, with so many amazing and inspirational immigrant students, parents, teachers, paraprofessional and district level staff, has been quite an honor and an important educational experience for us,” Roxas says.