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21st Century Safety
Theresa Fightmaster, Mark Larkin, Tracey Winey
Theresa Fightmaster, PSD Safe & Drug Free Schools Coordinator, talks with Mark Larkin School Resource Officer and Tracey Winey, Preston Middle School Media Specialist. Today's students are digital natives, their communication with peers dependent on social networking websites, blogging, and chat rooms. As vital as these tools are for appropriate learning and communication, they can be equally inappropriate when misused. Cyber-bullying, sexual predation, and sending of inappropriate photos and messages are among the most common forms of abuse children encounter. For young people today, one impulsive click can generate unintended consequences for which students are often totally unaware of. The panel describes why young people can be at risk, tips for parents on how to have meaningful and \"pre-emptive\" conversations about internet safety, and how it is vital that students feel comfortable approaching parents and teachers about problems they encounter online. Topics such as appropriate and safe use of cell phones is also discussed.
2/26/2010 117 views