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Health & Wellness

In this Mini-Bite episode, we take a look at the importance of eating breakfast and some healthy breakfast options.
Kelsey, Chloe, Western Dairy… 10/28/2013 291 views
PSD Wellness 8/12/2013 10797 views
Kelsey, Chloe, Lindsay Hacker 5/29/2013 979 views
Winners from the Secondary Culinary Competition prepare their winning recipe, Guacamole and Grilled Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms, in this episode of Kids Kitchen.…
Amanda, Olivia, Lena, Maggie 3/21/2013 198 views
Students make healthy snacks for the Culinary Competition. The winning recipe was Guacamole Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms.
PSD Child Nutrition Department,… 12/7/2012 536 views
In this Mini-Bite episode we look at where some of the food on PSD plates comes from. We visit Fossil Creek Farms in Fort Collins, which last year sold over…
Michael, Emma, Steve Maitland,… 12/3/2012 11945 views
Students from Rocky Mountain High School face off in this cooking challenge hosted by Fossil Ridge High School principal, Dierdre Cook. Recipes prepared were:…
Dierdre Cook, Paige, Ashlin 6/29/2012 206 views
In this Mini-Bite episode we take a tour of La Luna Dairy in Wellington, Colorado to learn about the importance of dairy in your diet. John Slutsky, co-owner,…
Fernando, Tate, Western Dairy… 5/17/2012 188 views
In this Mini-Bite episode we take a close look at 'My Plate,' the new version of the food pyramid. We learn about making half of our grains whole,…
Fernando, Tate, Western Dairy… 4/24/2012 316 views
In this first Mini-Bite Episode, Tate and Fernando show us what they and other PSD students do to eat healthy and stay active throughout the school day.