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District Advisory Board and PSD 101

Norm Bastian, Mark Gronstal,… 1/31/2013 484 views
Up to date information on PSD Health and Wellness
Ashley Schwader 1/19/2013 247 views
Learn about diverse options for your High School student
Chrystal Kelly, Janie Wald,… 1/18/2013 193 views
Johan Van Nieuwenhuizen 1/18/2013 194 views
Dr. Todd Lambert, Director of PSD's Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment introduces the District's pK-8 instructional leaders in the areas of…
Todd Lambert, Melanie Bukartek,… 1/16/2013 231 views
The PSD District Advisory Board presents this year's Legislative Forum from 7 to 9:30 p.m., Monday, Oct. 15, in the board room at the Johannsen Support…
Various local and State legislators who represent families living in Northern Colorado discuss present and future issues of educational concern to Poudre…
District Advisory Board 12/19/2011 182 views
DeeDee Wright 10/24/2011 195 views
Teachers Lisa King and Susan Hunter explain the opportunities available at PSD's current and planned High School Academies.
Lisa King, Susan Hunter 10/6/2011 90 views