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Sue Ellen Jones from the Poudre River Public Library District talks with author Kari Grossman about her book, 'Bones that Float'.
Sue Ellen Jones, Kari Grossman 12/12/2012 225 views
Megan Menard's English Class 11/28/2012 162 views
Join the Poudre Public Library District's IRS kids (Interesting Readers Society) for a lively TV show of their favorite reads.
Masie, Luke, Brennan, Adam 9/14/2012 356 views
Teen readers from the Poudre River Public Library District's IRS (Interesting Readers Society) interview local author Todd Mitchell.
Todd Mitchell, Maise, Jessica,… 7/30/2012 784 views
Justice Greg Hobbs of the Colorado Supreme Court presented and discussed his brother Will’s young adult novel, River Thunder and his own book, Living the Four…
Justice Greg Hobbs 5/4/2012 90 views
Host David Autenrieth, 4th grade teacher from Irish Elementary interviews local author and illustrator Gary Raham about his recent fossil and earth science…
David Autenrieth, Gary Raham,… 3/15/2012 164 views
Teens from the Interesting Reader Society (I.R.S.), Sam, Amy and host Jordan get together to discuss their new favorite books. Take a look! This episode of…
Student host Jordan and teen IRS (Interesting Readers Society) students, Amy and Jessie chat with local author Amy Kathleen Ryan. Amy shares her newest work,…
Celebrated British author (AMAZING GRACE), Mary Hoffman visits PSD schools where students won a district-wide essay contest. Colton Broda (2nd grader from…
On this edition of Bookends, teen author, Brielle Kelley and her publisher, Mark Hoog talk to Bookend host, Keri Kreuter.
Keri Kreuter, Mark Hoog, Brielle… 11/21/2011 1961 views