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Shepardson Elementary, PSD-TV 11/17/2014 578 views
Poudre High School, Habitat for… 11/17/2014 389 views
Poudre School District 11/14/2014 390 views
PSD-TV 11/14/2014 1938 views
Students at Beattie Elementary join a modern band classroom thanks to the generosity of the Little Kids Rock music program underwritten by the Bohemian…
Beattie Elem. 11/12/2014 161 views
In honor of Veteran's Day 2014, PSD students speak about why they're thankful for our US Military Veterans. The students were interviewed at the 40’s…
Watch 3rd grade students create an entire museum experience for the Olander community.
Olander Elementary 11/3/2014 164 views
PSD-TV, Little Shop of Physics 10/31/2014 531 views
Emily Peddicord, Poudre School… 10/29/2014 777 views