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5th Graders at Dunn Elementary hosted a Naturalization Ceremony.
PSD Channel 10 12/30/2010 270 views
Watch families and learn about STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) activities at Shepardson Elementary.
PSD Channel 10 12/8/2010 6259 views
Watch the incredible earth science and business lessons, 4th graders at Werner Elementary are receiving during Earth Fair Week. Students teach each other about…
PSD 12/6/2010 373 views
See how electricity can be stylish! Electric motors power these fashion models. Preston Middle School robotics students put on a fashion show with their Lego…
PSD Channel 10 12/3/2010 752 views
Dunn Elementary School 2nd graders held their first ever Fitness Festival. This event was designed to give students the chance to showcase all the information…
PSD Channel 10 12/1/2010 182 views
All Johnson Elementary 3d graders receive illustrated hard-bound dictionaries courtesy of the local \"Rotary Read\" program in Fort Collins.
PSD Channel 10 12/1/2010 122 views
Olander Elementary 3rd graders constructed a South American Rainforest museum as part of a Project Based Learning activity. In addition to construction, the…
PSD Channel 10 11/30/2010 614 views
Rocky Mountain High School anatomy students came to Beattie Elementary to give 5th graders a hands-on learning experience. Using sheep lungs, the high school…
PSD Channel 10 11/29/2010 120 views
Poudre School District 11/12/2010 1575 views
Netbooks and literacy workbooks sit side by side on every desk in Kyla Walker's 7th Grade Language Arts class. As part of the Write-On program, these…
VIcki Collet, Kyla Walker,… 11/16/2010 193 views