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Students from across the district compete for the chance to go to the Colorado state Spelling BEE. Top spellers from area schools will compete in the…
Poudre School District 2/18/2011 502 views
Dr. Todd Lambert, Darcie Votipka 2/2/2011 2350 views
Wellington Middle School dedicated their wind turbine in December 2010, but the journey took 3 years. The wind turbine is part of the 'Wind for…
PSD Channel 10 1/18/2011 480 views
Briefly take in the wonders of Jupiter, the “king” of the planets as seen with the unaided eye, binoculars, and a small telescope.
Roger Culver, Ph.D. 2/5/2010 77 views
Study the “star pictures” or constellations that have been made throughout history from the stars of the constellation of Sagittarius. What star pictures can…
Roger Culver, Ph.D. 2/5/2010 144 views
Savor the treasure trove of the gem-like stars of the winter night sky, with the famed “Red Planet” Mars added in for good measure.
Roger Culver, Ph.D. 1/20/2010 123 views
Enjoy a close-up look at one to the night sky’s most famous asterisms-the tightly-packed group of stars known as the Pleiades.
Roger Culver, Ph.D. 12/15/2009 117 views
Explore the great, dark “celestial sea” of the autumn sky which stretches from the bright stars of summer to those of winter.
Roger Culver 11/16/2009 159 views
Poudre School District has building based instructional coaches working in elementary, middle, and high schools to support literacy, math, and English Language…
Anna Waido 1/10/2011 218 views
Students at Fossil Ridge High School get a glimpse into cultures around the world at their 2nd Annual International Day.
PSD Channel 10 1/14/2011 143 views